Lee Baker

3276 Old Cape Road

Jackson, Mo 63755


Cape Starter& Alternator Service, Inc .was founded by 4 individuals under the management of Leon L. Baker.   Leon’s mechanical engineer background and hard work ethic along
with one employee ,Oscar Doran, opened for business in the summer of 1976. One of the main services Leon focused on was Cape Starter’s ability to provide same day service for all customers.  Farmers, individuals and local auto mechanic shops could drop off their product,  run their other errands or in some situations just wait and within a reasonable amount of time the product they brought in for repair was fixed and they were back in the fields or on the road.  Cape Starter’s commitment for same day service is still provided today in as many situations as possible. 

As an effort to extend service and begin a personal relationship with customers Leon began visiting businesses in the local area.  Leon operated out of the trunk of his family vehicle, a 1976 Oldsmobile.  He made stops in Cape Girardeau, Jackson and Perryville.  Davis Farm Supplies in Perryville was one of Leon’s first customers and remains an active customer today.

A second location was opened in late 1984.  Southern Illinois Starter and Alternator Service, Inc. was built  by Leon along with William H. Curtis.  This location was operated by William for 15 years serving the entire Southern Illinois area.  In 1999 the Jackson location was pursuing another endeavor and in order to make this more obtainable the family decided to utilize the assets and manpower of Southern Illinois Starter and Alternator.  In doing so this location was closed.  


Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

William now operates an 8 day sales route for Cape Starter and Alternator Service, Inc.  that covers 5 states and a 100 mile radius  and encompasses the Southern Illinois area . This service provides our product to many businesses.   This route was the result of Leon’s personal service to the surrounding area many years ago.

In 1985 Leon L. Baker became the sole owner of Cape Starter &Alternator Service, Inc.  Also, at that same time daughter, Lisa Curtis, became bookkeeper  and continues with that job today.  At this time all three of Leon’s children were now a part of  the business. 

In 1988 a third location was opened at 845 South Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO.   This building was built by Leon along with his son, Leon L. Baker, Jr.   This location is now operated by son, Leon L. Baker, Jr. and employs 3 other employees.

In 1992 Leon L. Baker retired and his three children: Lisa Curtis, Leon L. Baker, Jr. and Lee G. Baker obtained ownership.  They continue to operate both businesses with the same hard work ethic and personal customer service.

Lin Baker

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